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AST 1800


The commercial plant model AST1800 for drying and seasoning salami and foodstuffs, has been developed by LFT thanks to 20 years of experience in the field of industrial plants for pork butcher. As a matter of fact, AST1800 works exactly like industrial plants. This box accords perfectly to the regulations in force, having insulating boards made of alimentary stainless steel, canalization for air circulation and supporting sticks made of stainless steel. The AST 1800 box is checked before forwarding.
The "brain" of the closet is an electronic device controlling all the processes: refrigeration, heating, drying and moisturing of air, in order to recreate the best conditions to mature meat. There are 20 programs for all kind of productions, each of them consisting of 20 pages that we set up with the standard values for every cycle. The customer can easily modify the programs to adapt them to his necessities. The only thing the operator has to do is load it and start.
200 Kg of capacity will satisfy the exigence of small productors, that's why it aims to all the operators who wants to offer an "old times home made" product to their customers, letting them verify its quality.

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